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Utility Coordination Services

CobbFendley’s years of success in the utility coordination process is demonstrated by our ability to identify innovative, cost-effective design solutions and a meticulous approach to the coordination of facility relocations for projects.

CobbFendley specializes in providing comprehensive infrastructure solutions to Governmental Agencies, Developers, and Utility Owners. We start by proactively identifying utilities within project boundaries and conducting conflict assessments to prevent conflicts with proposed improvements. Our team provides unique design alternatives to mitigate conflicts, communicates relocation needs to all stakeholders, and oversees the relocation process for various utility systems. CobbFendley’s commitment to effective communication and proactive management minimizes the risk of construction delays and associated claims, allowing projects to progress smoothly and efficiently.

In addition to coordination and design, CobbFendley assists Utility Owners by facilitating the reimbursement process for relocations. We begin by preparing and executing Utility Agreements and continue to support clients through the billing process post-construction. By providing these comprehensive services, CobbFendley enables clients to navigate complex infrastructure projects with optimal solutions and a focus on minimizing disruptions. Our expertise in utility coordination and reimbursement solidifies our reputation as a trusted partner in the infrastructure and engineering industry.

  • Conflict Assessment / Resolution
  • Adjustment Coordination
  • Reimbursement Agreement Assemblies
  • Design Alternatives
  • Utility Concept Relocation Plans
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering
  • Cost Estimates
  • Construction Monitoring / Verification
  • Program Management for Public-Private Partnerships (Developer-Managed)

One of biggest wins I’ve had at CobbFendley was completing pipeline relocations for a challenging project where we had to work around a Bald Eagle nest. Our client was so happy with our results that they took us out to lunch. The process taught me how to further coordinate with the pipeline owners, client’s attorneys, and contractor.

Paula Martinez
Utility Coordination / Houston, Texas

My most significant achievement at CobbFendley involves successfully fulfilling responsibilities across various project scopes. Being a reliable team member is personally rewarding. The inspiration for my work stems from a desire to enhance the quality of life for my family, the trust of my colleagues, and the drive to prove myself.

Don Baker
Utility Coordination / Tampa, Florida

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