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CobbFendley has been a pioneer in offering Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), with our first project in 1997. We collaborate with our clients and design consultants to devise SUE strategies that eliminate utility conflicts and minimize costly construction delays.

We are committed to providing comprehensive SUE services that safely address potential utility conflicts, utility locations, field conditions, time constraints, and budget considerations for each project. Our proactive approach allows us to identify and address potential utility conflicts early on. Our clients include departments of transportation (DOT), utility companies, municipalities, and various agencies in the private and public sectors.

CobbFendley’s extensive knowledge and history allows us to provide utility mapping at every SUE Quality Level, utility design and relocation, utility data communication, and utility agreement preparation. We even own and operate our fleet of vacuum excavation trucks, which play a crucial role in our nondestructive SUE techniques for identifying potential conflicts among utilities and future design plans. Our incorporation of SUE in the planning and design process significantly reduces incidents of lost service and damage caused by cut cables or damaged pipelines. 

  • Quality Levels A through D
  • Keyhole Pavement Coring
  • Video Inspection of Underground Facilities
  • GIS Compatibility and ArcGIS Real-Time Mapping
  • Air/Water Vacuum Excavation Technology
  • 3D Modeling

My CobbFendley team really put in a dedicated effort to excel on the City of Corpus Christi projects. As a result, we’re proud to have secured the RFQ for their SUE Services MSA four times in a row.

Jim Herbert
SUE / San Marcos, Texas

At CobbFendley, I am most motivated by my coworkers. Their hard work, organization and dedication is the best I’ve seen. From the field guys getting the job done in extreme weather to the senior managers who always find time to help no matter how busy they are, everyone is committed to providing great work.

Richard Clarke
SUE / Austin, Texas

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