• Harlingen, Texas


  • City of Harlingen


  • Completed

CobbFendley served as the prime consultant for the intersection Dollar Value of drainage improvements and engineering plan production for the intersection of Jackson Avenue and C Street in Harlingen, Texas. The existing intersection had small drainage inlets at each corner and was experiencing flooding problems during small rain events. The City provided a preliminary plan to improve the drainage conditions with larger inlets and tasked CobbFendley to produce engineering plans, specifications, and construction estimate to replace existing drainage inlets and storm sewer lateral pipes from the inlets to the trunk line. The City provided CobbFendley with existing survey and storm sewer system information. CobbFendley incorporated this information into the design plans. After visiting the site, several existing palm trees and utility poles were identified within the project limits.

CobbFendley worked with the City to determine which trees could be removed, saving as many as feasible. The final design allowed the existing utility/illumination poles to remain in place. The existing drainage layout was studied and proposed inlet and inlet lead pipes configured to improve flows through and out of the intersection into the existing system.

Alternatives were evaluated to minimize disruption to the existing system and the construction impact. The project was designed on an expedited schedule to provide plans for construction at the City’s discretion. Coordination of construction with downtown events and street closures was important as was minimizing construction duration.