The purpose of this project was to upgrade the existing roadway and drainage infrastructure to meet current City of Houston Design Criteria within the Magnolia Park Subdivision. The project is located primarily in a single-family residential neighborhood in the Greater East End District in Houston. CobbFendley was responsible for preparing a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) and detailed construction plans for the reconstruction of approximately 19,000 linear feet of street. The existing project streets were varied in width and consisted of asphalt with and without roadside ditches.  The new streets consisted of 27-foot and 37-foot width concrete with curb, 5-foot sidewalks and a new storm sewer system including multiple outfalls into Brays Bayou. The project also included the replacement of approximately 2,600 linear feet of water line, 14,600 linear feet of sanitary sewer line and reconnection of services to residential and commercial properties.

The project required extensive utility coordination efforts including the relocation of a 16-inch gas transmission pipeline, a major AT&T fiber optic duct bank, approximately 40 utility poles and smaller diameter gas and buried cable lines.  Additionally, CobbFendley coordinated with City of Houston staff and property owners to acquire a new storm sewer easement, temporary construction easements and two roadway easements.  There were over 100 fence encroachments that were identified and fence relocation coordination was required on a number of parcels.  The project required permitting with USACE and HCFCD for the reconstruction of outfalls.  Due to a large number of significant trees within the project, CobbFendley coordinated with an arborist during the design phase to provide a tree mitigation strategy for the new sidewalk.

CobbFendley also performed construction administration and limited construction management services.