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Services Provided

The North Tarrant Express (NTE) is dedicated to improving mobility along north I-35W, northeast I-820 and SH 121/183 Airport Freeway through a regionally supported TEXpress Lane system.  The $1.6 billion NTE | I-35W project spans 10 miles in Fort Worth from north of I-30 to US 81/287. It is being built in coordination between NTE Mobility Partners Segments 3, LLC (NTEMP3) and TxDOT. This public-private project will rebuild 6.7 miles of I-35W and add four TEXpress Lanes, auxiliary lanes and some frontage roads.

CobbFendley was responsible for the acquisition of 44 parcels on behalf of TxDOT. This involved developing interim and final corridor lease exhibits, parcel surveys and right-of-way (ROW) maps. Although there were only 44 acquisitions, they were not contiguous acquisitions. As such, the ROW mapping effort required identification and mapping of parcels not affected by the project in order to deliver a full ROW map of the entire corridor. Upon completion of each parcel survey, negotiations with each owner to acquire the necessary property rights were initiated. CobbFendley handled the negotiations and provided condemnation support for any parcel that couldn’t be acquired through a Deed closing. Upon completion of all ROW activities, complete parcel files were turned over to TxDOT.

CobbFendley previously handled NTE Segment 1 and NTE Segment 3A. Further, CobbFendley was involved in the utility easement acquisitions on NTE 2W. Based on our work on these earlier segments, NTE Mobility Partners chose CobbFendley to be their sole ROW Provider for this project.

CobbFendley’s diligence in pursuing acquisition of each parcel along with our knowledge of TxDOT policies and procedures were key in completing this project on time. TxDOT’s PMC, Atkins, reviewed each package that CobbFendley put together and proper QA/QC was necessary to minimize the review timeframes and not delay the acquisitions