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CobbFendley’s hydraulics and hydrology (H&H) department provides comprehensive infrastructure solutions to address flooding challenges.

Our expertise lies in conducting in-depth analyses of flood-prone areas, with a focus on identifying the root causes of flooding. Once the underlying issues are pinpointed, our experienced team goes to work, developing tailored solutions that are both timely and cost-effective. These solutions often involve the design and implementation of drainage structures, such as retention basins, culverts, and stormwater management systems.

CobbFendley’s team of experts works closely with our clients to gain an understanding of their unique needs and challenges, and we tailor our solutions accordingly. We are committed to using the latest technology and techniques to so that our solutions are both effective and sustainable. Our goal is to help clients mitigate the risks associated with flooding to create a safer, more resilient future for our communities. Whether it’s designing new drainage systems or improving existing infrastructure, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and expertise to our clients.

  • Hydrologic Studies  
  • Hydraulic Studies  
  • Channel Design 
  • Storm Sewer Design  
  • Channel Rectification 
  • Mitigation Facilities 
  • Floodplain Analysis  
  • FEMA Reports 

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