Innovate. Connect. Transform.

Personal computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, wearables —  these devices, and the networks they run on, have become gateways to access essential information and support critical communications in our everyday lives. Our experts have developed processes that simplify and automate project management, create centralized geodatabases customized for each project, as well as developed robust Quality Assurance/Quality Control programs to ensure accuracy and efficiency — so your community’s connections can keep humming along.

CobbFendley’s team is skilled at handling projects large and small, specifically:

  • Fiber-optic networks and small cell design
  • Site acquisition and regulatory functions
  • Identifying viable power sources and coordinating with utility companies to secure commercial power
  • Connectivity between communications facilities within networks or campuses
  • Revenue projects for communication companies
  • Providing solutions for municipalities, utility companies, broadband companies and the surrounding communities

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