Diversity and Inclusion

Over the years, our firm has not only grown to encompass an expanding array of capabilities, but a diverse and thriving team whose talents make it all possible. Women and minorities are strongly represented in CobbFendley and actively shaping projects across our firm — from our leadership team to our shareholders, to all levels of our field and office staff.

  • We’re bringing more intentionality to where we source talent — from a broader set of universities, geographies, and ability levels and reaching out to community partners and individuals with disabilities, women, and minorities.
  • We’re continuing to build long-standing partnerships with Historically Underutilized Businesses, Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, Minority Business Enterprises, Women-Owned Enterprises, and Small Business Enterprises to provide services to our clients — some for over 20 years — not because it’s a stipulation in a contract but because we see the value they bring and the importance of amplifying their work. 
  • We’re seeking minority representation in the vendors and suppliers who provide materials to our firm.
  • We’re engaging with industry associations like WTS International, the American Society of Indian Engineers and Architects (ASIE), and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE).
  • We’re reaching out to veterans to put the power of their experience and service to work in the civilian sector, complementing their military training with our own.
  • And above all, we’re continuing to reflect on where we are and ask ourselves what else can be done, because progress deserves more of the same.

Serving Others

We help build communities through civil engineering and a deep commitment to community service. CobbFendley supports low-income school districts with the supplies and scholarships students and teachers need; we do school outreach and speaking engagements to promote interest in STEM curriculum and careers; we provide food banks with the donations required to offset food insecurity and feed those who are most vulnerable; and through our broadband projects, we’re privileged to help shrink the digital divide by giving underserved communities fair access to the internet.


As engineers and surveyors, we work to improve communities and enhance the quality of life. That means giving careful consideration to how the built environment impacts the natural environment, and how the solutions we employ now will affect the generations that follow. At CobbFendley, we carefully study the impact our projects will have on the environment, from how designs can decrease the likelihood and severity of flooding, to how material selections can meet infrastructure and sustainability challenges with equal strength. Our team includes Envision-certified engineers who use criteria established by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure to guide how we advise our clients and ensure environmentally-informed decisions.