CobbFendley led the design for the reconstruction of Sayle Street, including the paving and drainage system, which includes the removal of 1.5 miles of existing 41-foot-wide asphalt pavement and storm sewer system. The roadway will be reconstructed using 41-foot-wide reinforced concrete pavement, a storm sewer system designed to current city standards, and pedestrian improvements. As part of the roadway rehabilitation project, the team also replaced 6,600 LF of 6-inch through 12-inch wastewater lines and 9,600 LF of 6-inch through 12-inch water lines. The water and wastewater replacements included replacing the service line to the ROW with new water meter boxes and wastewater cleanouts. The design had to accommodate the new storm sewer system and multiple franchise utilities and ensure service was maintained to the residents with minimal disruption. CobbFendley assisted the City with bidding and construction services upon completion of design.

Survey services included topographic survey, locating above-ground improvements, and a complete inventory of all storm and sanitary structures and pipe networks associated with the roadway corridor. The survey team set horizontal and vertical control to be used throughout the project survey. The topographic survey involved the primary roadway corridor, crossing creeks with cross-sections, and landscapes. CobbFendley also researched deed records and ROW plans to construct a working sketch of the roadway corridor and adjoining properties, which field crews used to locate existing property corners. A boundary analysis was performed to establish primary ROW corridor and the relationship to adjoining ownership boundaries. Additional cross-sections along a drainage area were completed. The survey team prepared a digital deliverable of the boundary, topographic, and SUE elements. Following the completion of the original survey, additional services were completed and included as-built topography of intersections specified within the original project limits. The project included land surveying, design, as-built survey data, and limited construction phase services.