CobbFendley supported the Design-Build team for the City’s Hawkins Boulevard Reconstruction Project. Our services included SUE Quality Level D utility records research to obtain the most up-to-date as-built information from utility owners, using one-call information, utility as-builds, construction drawings, verbal recollections, conduit maps, direct buried cable records, distribution maps, transmission maps, and other research to obtain information. Additionally, our teams collected complete topographic survey information for the project from Gateway West to Viscount Boulevard from back-of-curb to approximate right-of-way, and supplemented previously collected topographic survey information south of I-10. CobbFendley collected data in 50’ increments on existing facilities including sidewalks, curb-and-gutter, lip of curb, centerline of road, driveway cuts, wheelchair ramps, railroad tracks, fences, walls, and all visible utilities. Our survey team also collected and provided information used to establish the right-of-way location.