• McKinney, Texas


  • City of McKinney


  • Completed

CobbFendley led this water/wastewater design project, which included replacing approximately 11,200 linear feet of existing 6-inch and 8-inch water lines and approximately 4,200 linear feet of existing 6-inch wastewater lines within the Northwood Park and Westwood Park area with 8-inch HDPE via pipe bursting and open cut methods. This method helped avoid conflicts with both existing utilities and above-ground elements, minimized disturbance to water and sewer services for the duration of utility installation, and provided temporary water lines and sewer bypass above-ground.

The CobbFendley survey team also provided the City with topographic surveying services. Above-ground improvements were located, as well as a complete inventory of all water valves, storm and sanitary structures, and pipe networks associated with the roadway corridor. Survey data was collected of utility designation marking that were provided by CobbFendley’s SUE team. The survey team set horizontal and vertical control to be used throughout the project survey. The topographic survey involved the roadway corridors and was completed by means of mobile mapping with on-the-ground survey for infill purposes. CobbFendley also researched deed records and recorded ROW documents to construct a working sketch of the roadway corridor and adjoining properties, which field crews used to locate existing property corners. A boundary analysis was performed to establish primary ROW corridor and the relationship to adjoining ownership boundaries. Supplemental survey efforts were requested and completed at an intersection due to concerns regarding safety. The survey team prepared a digital deliverable of the boundary, topographic, and SUE elements. Following the completion of the original survey, additional services were completed and included as-built topography of areas specified within the original project limits. The project included land surveying utilizing mobile mapping, design, as-built survey data, and limited construction phase services.