• Pearland, Texas


  • City of Pearland


  • Completed

Services Provided

The City of Pearland has seen unprecedented growth as one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, which has led to a lack of sufficient East-West corridors needed for transportation. While the expansion of Hughes Ranch Road had been planned for over a decade, the project lacked funding until it was approved on the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The project was a Local Government Project Procedures (LGPP) widening project that took a two-lane arterial street into a four-lane divided thoroughfare. Our team was responsible for providing Construction Engineering and Inspection (CE&I) for the project. Now complete, the four-lane boulevard provides much needed relief to the traveling public.

CobbFendley acted as the City’s representative in administering the construction contract, managing project oversight, and ensuring compliance with Federal, TxDOT, LGPP, and City requirements. The project cost was $16M with approximately two-year construction time. Our team was responsible for managing the team of construction managers, inspectors, and contract administrators to track contractor communications, submittals, change orders, requests for information (RFIs), pay applications, inspections, material testing and status reviews; providing recommendations on technical matters; and preparing change order documentation.

All construction for this project needed to be in compliance with both City of Pearland and TxDOT procedures and requirements, and all construction had to be completed while maintaining two-way traffic and access to all cross streets. The construction management team solved this by implementing proper traffic control techniques and coordination with city residents.

The road was successfully widened from a two-lane street into a four-lane thoroughfare increasing the traffic capacity. This project also provided adequate drainage to the city residents along the roadway.