• Rockwall, Texas


  • City of Rockwall


  • Completed

CobbFendley provided paving and drainage plans, specifications, and engineering (PS&E) to replace the existing pavement and drainage system for Turtle Cove Boulevard between FM 740 (Ridge Road) and the Turtle Cove subdivision. The project included the removal of 800 linear feet of existing 37-foot-wide reinforced concrete pavement and storm sewer system. The roadway will be reconstructed using 37-foot-wide reinforced concrete pavement with a storm sewer system designed to current city standards. The project also includes ADA-compliant sidewalk and curb ramps, a 12-inch water line, and retaining wall. Additional services provided by CobbFendley included topographic survey, preparation of right-of-way and easement parcels, and solutions to water ponding at various locations. The project also required coordination with the Union Pacific Railroad, which crosses Turtle Cove Boulevard, for train times and railroad flagging. The team assisted the City with bidding and construction services upon completion of design.

Because  Turtle Cove Boulevard is a dead-end street that terminates at the Turtle Cove subdivision, ingress and egress into the subdivision is only through Turtle Cove Boulevard. CobbFendley developed a contraflow TCP to allow two-way traffic throughout construction while one half of the road is being constructed, thus minimizing ingress/egress disruptions to the subdivision.