• Mont Belvieu, Texas


  • City of Mont Belvieu


  • Completed

CobbFendley provided preliminary engineering, final design, and construction administration phase services to develop the construction plans, specifications, and estimate (PS&E) package for the construction of Langston Road Extension. The extension included 5,400 linear feet of two-lane undivided (half boulevard section), concrete, curb and gutter road with storm sewer system, transitions, a major culvert crossing, and bridge structures over Hackberry Gulley and an amenity lake. The pavement is an extension of the existing alignment for the 700-foot undivided two- lane concrete road. The project connects 2,600 feet of an undivided, two-lane concrete pavement of the feeder road for Grand Parkway that will connect IH-10 to the proposed Langston Road intersection at Grand Parkway.

CobbFendley’s structural engineering team led design of the new bridges over Hackberry Gulley, an existing drainage channel, and tandem bridges over an amenity lake. The drainage channel bridge is 150-ft, 3-span TX28 girder bridge carries 2 lanes of traffic and sidewalks. The amenity lake bridges are 100-ft, 2-span box beam bridges that carry 2 lanes of traffic and 10 feet of shared use paths. CobbFendley designed MSE retaining walls to wrap around the abutment, allowing for a shared use path under the bridges which required cast-in-place cantilevered walls at the SUP. The project required extensive coordination with the landscape architect to add sidewalk brick pavers, brick cladding on façade and aesthetic towers with faux cables to mimic a cable stay bridge.

Adding architectural features to bridge like brick façade, brick columns, decorative lighting, custom handrailing and faux steel columns with cables required extensive coordination with the landscape architect and owner to tailor renderings into cost effective bridge features. CobbFendley designed anchorage to be cast into beam to accommodate brick façade supports. Extensive detailing of bridge slab was required to add columns partially overhanging deck, to show conduit runs cast in deck and custom anchorage reinforcing for railing and faux cable tie down points.

CobbFendley was able to provide the client with an architecturally pleasing bridge by modifying TxDOT standard bridge elements to fit the landscape architect’s vision. Client was also pleased that we were able add brick façade to the bridge, mse retaining walls and decorative towers.