For more than a decade, CobbFendley has collaborated with AT&T to contrive innovative geospatial solutions which assist with routine tasks related to expanding and maintaining its complex and vast cutting-edge telecommunications network.

As a result, when requested by AT&T, CobbFendley continues to offer additional innovative solutions as part of an on-call GIS mapping project.  New mapping requests are typically initiated with a kickoff meeting to discuss the details and goals of the project.  Once the project parameters are defined, CobbFendley uses its experience and expertise working with proprietary data layers and GIS software to generate a successful solution. Some examples of project maps created as a part of this on-call mapping contract include:

  • Marketing maps used to expand communication services,
  • Administrative maps used to understand territories and jurisdictions where facilities exist,
  • Facilities maps used to assist with rebuilding facilities efficiently in emergencies,
  • Maintenance maps used to understand which personnel is responsible for various geographical regions, and
  • Boundary maps used to understand the various geographical subdivisions within their telecommunications network.

The unique solutions provide AT&T with a streamlined approach to everyday tasks, assist with marketing efforts and expansion of services, and provide decision makers and stake holders with comprehensive insight utilizing complex geospatial tools and analyses.

Another relevant facet of this project is understanding all available AT&T proprietary datasets and software systems when deciding which “pieces” to potentially utilize and determining how to apply relevant GIS experience to propose and formulate an effective solution.