• Lubbock, Texas


  • TxDOT Lubbock District


  • Completed

This project consists of the acquisition of 286 parcels and approximately 300 relocations for a new road to bypass the City of Lubbock. The project limits are from US 62/82 (Wolfforth) to US 87 (South Lubbock). CobbFendley is handling all negotiation, relocation and condemnation in-house and is overseeing subconsultants who are performing appraisal services. CobbFendley is the prime contractor with TxDOT and is responsible for the delivery of the entire project.

One of CobbFendley’s parcels involved a displacee whose primary business was repairing Recreational Vehicles (RV). The displacee was not pleased with having to move as they had a building that currently met their needs, and their clientele was familiar with his location. The displacees primary concern was finding a building that would be adequate to accommodate their business. They stated they needed to have a drive through building with doors of 16 feet, as an RV is between 10 and 14 feet tall. They scoured the market and could not find a building that had this unique set up, especially in the area that they needed to stay in. The displacee eventually found a potential building to move into, but it only had one door. This door would not be able to accommodate their business, because an RV could not be driven through the doorway. By utilizing reestablishment costs, we were able to retrofit the building to accommodate a 16-foot overhead door, allowing the RV business to move in a timely fashion, and the project schedule to be met. CobbFendley utilized an innovative GIS map, created by our in-house GIS analysts and experts, to provide a visual picture of parcel status for this project.