Founded in Houston, Texas in 1980.

Founded in the heart of Houston, Texas in 1980, CobbFendley is a cornerstone of the local landscape, embodying a commitment to bettering our communities through comprehensive infrastructure solutions. Established by University of Houston alumni, Odis Cobb and Bill Fendley, our firm’s Houston headquarters has set the foundation for all future CobbFendley offices to not only join a community but become whole-heartedly engaged with a community.

Over the decades, CobbFendley has organically grown into a recognized leader within Houston’s professional services industry. This journey has been marked by a pursuit of excellence, fostering relationships with local municipalities, utility districts, private agencies, and more. These partnerships are a testament to our status as a trusted source of innovative solutions, tailored to the specific needs and goals of the Greater Houston Area and Southeast Texas.

CobbFendley’s legacy in Houston extends beyond our services in engineering and surveying. Our firm’s deep roots include involvement in local charities, community engagement groups, and professional organizations. As a consistent name on the list of top Houston engineering firms, CobbFendley is synonymous with local growth and investment in infrastructure improvements.