CobbFendley offers the full range of structural engineering services including design and detailing for concrete and steel bridges.

We also offer complete bridge inspection services and bridge condition assessments for the rehabilitation or replacement of existing structures. Our structural engineers have provided bridge design for new bridges, bridge replacements and bridge widenings. Over the last 5 years, our engineers have provided over 720,000 square feet of new bridge deck for a wide variety of projects and clients.

Structural Engineering Services

  • Prestressed Concrete Girder and U-Beam Bridges
  • Prestressed Concrete Box Beam and Slab Beam Bridges
  • Cast-in-Place Concrete Slab Spans with Large Radial Edges
  • Cast-in-Place Concrete Box Celled Post-Tensioned Girder System
  • Conventionally Reinforced Straddle Type Bent Caps
  • Post-Tensioned Straddle Type and Integral Type Bent Caps
  • Airport Terminal Departures Level Bridges
  • Seismic Bridge Analysis and Details per CALTRANS Specifications
  • Rolled Steel and Plate Girder Bridges
  • BNSF Railroad and UPRR Overpass Design with Exhibit A Approvals
  • Freeway Multi-Level Interchange Design
  • Bridge Condition Assessments with Rehabilitation PS&E
  • Retaining Walls: MSE, Cantilever, Soil-Nail, Sheet Pile and Block
  • Junction Boxes: Special Non-Standard with Zero Cover
  • Slabs-On-Grade on Piers, Spread Footings or Helical Piles
  • Structural Slabs on Piers or Auger Cast Piles
  • Structural Framing: Steel, Wood, CMU, Masonry and Cold Form

Our experience includes designing major highway overpasses, waterway crossings and multi-level freeway interchange direct connector bridges.

To expedite plan development and structural design services for our clients, we use structural design software including VBent, PGSUPER, LPile, BGS, BMCOL51, ST AAD, RISA 3D, MDX and other programs.