• El Paso, Texas


  • AT&T El Paso


Services Provided

The power company in El Paso was completing pole work and requested AT&T to move their facilities so the old plant could be removed. AT&T was behind in responding and were scheduled to be penalized for the delays. CobbFendley was asked to review all sites, visual or on site, to verify work had been completed. This covered 13 wire centers in El Paso.

CobbFendley inspected all locations, determined work to be completed, and generated work prints for tasks to be completed by both AT&T and the power company. CobbFendley was given a work request from the power company.

Due to the immensity of the project, approximately 1,690 purchase orders were received from AT&T for a total of 3,342 poles. These purchase orders were completed over the course of two years.

CobbFendley helped AT&T catch up on their back log and kept them current until the single source took over the project.