• Scottsdale, Arizona


  • City of Scottsdale


To support a proposed 273-acre single family residential subdivision, the City of Scottsdale needed to upgrade the sewer, drainage, and existing roadway, as well as coordinate utility relocations along Dynamite Road/Rio Verde Drive from Alma School Road to 136th Street (3.25 miles). CobbFendley’s role on the project was to perform approximately 105,000 linear feet of Quality Level B designating and 50 Quality Level A test holes. All information was surveyed and tied to project specific datum. Deliverables were provided in both PDF and CAD formats for easy review and integration into the project plans.

The biggest test during the Quality Level B portion of this project was the varied and congested nature of the existing subsurface utilities, particularly the excess of fiber optic facilities in the area. CobbFendley’s experienced technicians used their state-of-the-art equipment, the latest available records from the utility owners, and high level of training to carefully identify, isolate, and trace each individual subsurface utility throughout the project corridor. For the deliverables, custom line styles were created to make the identification of utility size, type, and ownership as clear as possible. In the instance where utilities were not traceable, linework in the file was placed via best available records (SUE Quality Level D) and clearly labeled as such.

During Quality Level A activities, the primary challenge was the management of the existing traffic in the area. This stretch of road is a high profile and high-speed area for the City of Scottsdale. Safety and minimal disruption to the public were of the utmost importance. By coordinating with the City of Scottsdale inspectors, the client, and the traffic control company, CobbFendley was able to adjust the locations of several test holes, still gathering all necessary utility information while maintaining a safe and minimally disruptive work zone.