• Colfax County, New Mexico


  • New Mexico Energy, Minerals And Natural Resources Department State Parks Division


Through an on-call/master service agreement, CobbFendley engineers and surveyors designed improvements for State Park facilities in rural Northern New Mexico. Due to increased user needs, CobbFendley completed design improvements to a 30-site RV campground at this rural state park in Eagle Nest, New Mexico. Improvements include extension of new electrical service, design of a comfort station containing restroom and shower facilities, and a wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal system for flows generated by the comfort station. Improvements to the existing well-fed water supply system were needed due to the increased system demand created by the comfort station. Additional improvements included design of a standpipe above ground storage facility, booster pumps to increase system pressure, and addition of a hypochlorite water disinfection system installed at the wellhead.

CobbFendley managed the entire project and coordinated numerous subconsultants including architecture, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering, geotechnical engineering, along with landscape architecture to address the improvements at Eagle Nest Lake State Park. Permits for water and sewer system upgrades were obtained through NMED.