Serving the Greater Salt Lake City area since 2013.

Nestled in Sandy, Utah, CobbFendley’s office serves is dedicated to serving the communities of Utah, with a special focus on the vibrant Salt Lake City area. Rooted in the local landscape, we are well-acquainted with the unique characteristics and goals of this region. The office has played a significant role in improving telecommunications infrastructure across the state, paving the way for seamless connectivity, and excels in providing complete infrastructure solutions including such as surveying, utility locating, and design.

CobbFendley’s Sandy, Utah office stands not just as an engineering and surveying firm but as a partner for enhancing infrastructure, driving growth, and elevating the quality of life for the communities we serve in Utah and the Salt Lake City area. We are fully invested in the region’s continued development and believe that our work is a testament to our commitment to building a stronger future for the state.