Serving Hays County since 2020.

CobbFendley’s office in San Marcos has a strong connection to the local culture and history, enabling us to actively engage in preserving the community’s heritage while contributing to its fast-growing development. At the core of our approach lies a collaborative effort between civil engineering and surveying experts. This collaboration allows us to offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to strengthen the region’s infrastructure, serving municipalities and local communities effectively.

Our goal is to provide innovative solutions to meet the immediate needs of the area while enabling its long-term growth and success. We thrive on collaboration between engineering and surveying experts, merging precision and innovation to meet the diverse demands of municipalities and local communities in Hays County and the surrounding area. With additional strategic locations in Austin and San Antonio, we offer the capability to serve communities along the I-35 corridor. Serving the Hill Country goes beyond professional obligation; it is our commitment. CobbFendley’s San Marcos office is dedicated to shaping a brighter future for the community, one project at a time.