Serving the Sunshine State since 2018.

CobbFendley’s Miami, Florida office is firmly rooted in the state’s commitment to enhancing infrastructure and empowering growth. Our local professionals focus on improving broadband infrastructure in addition to providing a wide spectrum of services including municipal engineering, surveying, construction management, traffic engineering, and other utility services.

Our work is pivotal in improving connectivity and providing resilient infrastructure for the prosperity and safety of Floridians. We see ourselves as an integral part of Florida’s ongoing development driven by the rapid growth, diverse population, and economic potential of the state.

CobbFendley’s Miami, Florida office is a devoted partner in collaboration with Florida’s journey toward a brighter tomorrow. We have team members in Orlando and Tampa to foster connectivity and support the thriving communities across the state of Florida. We embrace the opportunity to contribute to the continued success and development of Florida through our in-house infrastructure solutions.

skyline of Miami on a partly cloudy day with view of roadway bridge with traffic passing