Line DT3 Replacement

The Line DT3 Replacement Project was an integrity related construction project to replace a pipeline segment code named DT3. CobbFendley was retained to perform engineering, design and construction management for the replacement of a 24-inch natural gas pipeline with associated facilities as part of client’s gas transmission pipeline integrity management program.

District Engineering Services

CobbFendley is the District Engineer for Southern Montgomery Country Municipal Utility District (SMCMUD) and is responsible for the design of new infrastructure and rehabilitation projects, review of numerous development plans, general district engineering, attendance at monthly board meetings, and preparing bond applications for funding. As District Engineer, we work closely with the operator, attorney, and bookeeper on district projects.

Seabrook GIS Database & Website Development

The City of Seabrook, like many other municipalities across the nation, realized the advantages of having a Geographic Information System to warehouse large quantities of civic data. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have the unique ability to tie information together in a common system that can be shared not only throughout each city department, but also readily distributed to businesses and private citizens as needed.