CobbFendleyAchar México, S. de R.L. de C.V., incorporated in Mexico and based in Mexico City, is a company with extensive experience in civil engineering, architectural design, real estate development, construction supervision and construction in both the public and private sectors.

The services performed by CobbFendleyAchar Mexico include:

  • Civil engineering and surveying
  • Design, engineering and construction of municipal, state and federal infrastructure projects in Mexico and in the United States
  • Drainage
  • Water and sanitary engineering
  • Feasibility studies and reports
  • Public and private transportation
  • Design, engineering and coordination of projects in the energy sector
  • Engineering and project management in the public and private telecommunications sector
  • Architectural and civil engineering for commercial, industrial, office and mixed-use development
  • Urban planning, architectural design and civil engineering for the residential subdivision development and projects for tourist resorts, hospitals, and municipal, state and federal government agencies

The success of CobbFendleyAchar Mexico is due to the support and integration of the engineers and staff of its American parent company, Cobb, Fendley & Associates, Inc. Based in Houston, Texas, CobbFendley is a leader in civil engineering, surveying, road design, public utility design, site development, land development, construction management, telecommunication design, utility coordination, electrical transmission design, and gas pipeline design for both the public and private sectors.

Our wide range of clients includes:

  • Universities
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Municipal, county, state and federal governments and agencies
  • Industrial park developers
  • Corporate office and medical office developers
  • Commercial and retail developers
  • Urban mixed-use developers
  • Single-family and multi-family residential developers