With keen perspective and a proactive team, CobbFendley offers clients complete civil site design services for mixed-use, multi-family, retail, office, medical, industrial, and worship facility projects. We work closely with developers, architects, individual landowners, and governmental agencies to bring project concepts into reality.
Blueprint for success.
Site Development
CobbFendley is proficient in all aspects of the right-of-way process and the management services required for successfully completing an acquisition. Our licensed agents and specialists, providing relocation, condemnation, property disposal, and negotiation services, meet aggressive schedules and consistently offer valued solutions.
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Right-of-Way Acquisition
Our well-trained and well-equipped SUE team applies a scientific approach and non-destructive techniques to designate and locate existing utilities. Knowing the precise location of utilities saves in construction delays, construction costs, and improves project safety.
Taking the guesswork out.
Subsurface Utility Engineering
CobbFendley leads with innovation and brings prudent land surveying solutions to our clients with a focus on safety, precise data collection, unique field-to-office procedures, and swift response time. From construction layout to 3-D laser scanning, we perform comprehensive surveying services for commercial and residential developments, buildings, highways, bridges, utilities, waterways, and property acquisitions.
Surveying skills beyond measure.
CobbFendley’s transportation engineers, including structural specialists, collaborate to plan and design new construction, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of highway, tollway, bridge, and thoroughfare projects.
Mobility matters.
CobbFendley’s hydraulics and hydrology experts conduct studies to identify capacity and functionality deficiencies within existing storm water conveyance systems, then design new facilities to alleviate flooding and prevent impacts. Whether impact analysis or drainage structure design is required, our experienced engineers will unfold efficient and practical solutions.
Fluid design and delivery.
Hydraulics and Hydrology
We use GIS technology to map and model physical features and infrastructure, integrate tabular and locational data, and analyze spatial relationships among various data layers. As a result, our clients receive optimized access to important data used for every day decision making and long-range planning.
Streamlined data management.
Geographic Information Systems
Our resident engineers and inspectors recognize the importance of completing a construction project on schedule, within budget, and with minimal disruption to residential and business communities. This in-house capability adds value to the completion of our municipal, transportation, utility, and development projects.
On-site solutions.
Construction Management
We serve governmental agencies, developers, and utility owners in coordinating the relocation of facility lines for proposed projects. This includes identifying the location of utility lines, providing a conflict assessment, communicating with stakeholders, preparing utility agreement packages, and scheduling and verifying the relocations. CobbFendley’s years of utility coordination success is demonstrated by our ability to identify innovative, cost-effective design solutions and relocate utilities prior to project construction.
Resolutions for relocations.
Utility Coordination
Delivering electrical power in today’s market requires a multidisciplinary and resourceful approach. From route selection and power system design, to reliability assessments, CobbFendley’s professional design and planning team offers strategies, solutions, and improvements for clients’ complex electric power needs.
Generating solutions.
Power Delivery
CobbFendley’s professional planning and design team provides solutions to our Oil and Natural Gas clients’ complex project needs. We serve Local Distribution Companies, Cooperatives, Natural Gas Transmission Companies, and Petroleum Companies that repeatedly trust their projects to us.
Fueled with industry know-how.
Natural Gas and Oil Pipeline Design
Since our inception, CobbFendley has worked closely with telecommunications providers offering turnkey engineering solutions. Our specialists bring decades of experience in all phases of Inside/Outside Plant (ISP/OSP) services.
Navigating your network.
Our municipal engineers specialize in designing infrastructure to help improve the quality of our communities with improvements to water, wastewater, paving, and drainage. From the initial project evaluation, to the development of construction plans and specifications, we produce efficient solutions for a quality project.
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Municipal Engineering
In developing planned communities, we prepare feasibility analyses and cost estimates, plat subdivisions, create municipal utility districts, engineer complex phased drainage plans, and design water or wastewater facilities. CobbFendley’s qualified engineers, surveyors, and construction managers know the regulations and procedures required to obtain timely plan approvals and construction permits for key development projects.
Performance is our master plan.
Land Development
Providing a multi-modal transportation network that is safe, efficient, modern, and environmentally cohesive is of the utmost importance to our evolving communities. CobbFendley’s traffic engineering leadership is recognized within the industry for their commitment to helping clients find cost effective ways to improve mobility and safety while decreasing congestion for all road users.
Giving projects the green light.
Traffic Engineering
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Engineering relationships
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