CobbFendley was formed in Houston in 1980 to provide professional civil engineering and land surveying services. Our founders, Mr. John 'Odis' Cobb and Mr. William Fendley, have seen CobbFendley grow into a top-ranking firm that offers a range of integrated services that support value and quality-based solutions for our clients.

In addition to our headquarters in Houston, CobbFendley offers regional presence throughout Texas with offices in Bedford, Frisco, Pearland, Austin and San Antonio. CobbFendley is also located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and West Jordan, Utah.

From the beginning, the firm’s project management approach has emphasized effective communication with a commitment to quality, integrity and engineering excellence. CobbFendley’s work history was built on private utility relocations and has expanded to include fundamental and specialized services needed to complete the most innovative infrastructure projects.

CobbFendley has seen significant growth in recent years, with clients ranging from the New Mexico Department of Transportation to the Town of Little Elm, Texas. Ground-breaking projects for the firm include US 290 Program Management, North Tarrant Express Right-of-Way Recovery, IH-10 Corridor Utility Coordination and numerous evergreen contracts for the Texas Department of Transportation.

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Board of Directors
Dale Conger, P.E.
J. Cal Bostwick, P.E.
Stephanie Funk, RPLS

Monica Silver, P.E.

Dale Conger, P.E.

Vice Presidents
J. Cal Bostwick, P.E.
Stephanie Funk, RPLS
J. Mark Sappington, P.E.
Floyd Scurry, P.E.
Monica Silver, P.E.

J. Cal Bostwick, P.E.
Charles Eastland, P.E.
Rachel Edwards
Saeed Eslaminejad, P.E.

Ami Goudie
Craig Hester, P.E.
Mark Ingram, P.E., PTOE
Wes Jackson

Vineeta Jayaram, P.E.
Sandee Khoury, P.E.

Brad Matlock, P.E.
Bobby Nagel, P.E.
Bill Odle, P.E.
Mahmoud Salehi, P.E.
Floyd Scurry, P.E.
Edgar Smith
Ted Sugg, P.E.

Sean Wolfe, P.G.
J. Don Wortham, Ph.D.

Carl Ahrendt, P.E.
Lou Gilster

Chad Gulick, RPLS
Amber Hurd, P.E.
Bill Merten, RPLS, LSLS
Alex Van Duzer, P.E.
Ruben Vasquez, P.E.,

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